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reasons to buy

choose Smart Application Maker.

It saves the TIME of:
* developing database software project.
* designing user interfaces.
* integrating new modules.
* coding and debugging.
* building new prototypes.
* extending and upgrading current software.

and saves the COST of:
* man power, using the same developers to build larger software project.
* technology applied. (open source).
* implementing network system.
* maintaining, changing and upgrading to suit the business need base on current strategic situation.

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To build database software for business application faster and easier.

1. Quick producing of software prototype. Quick start, and fast result produced.
2. To produce a larger scale of software with less people.
3. To use the minimum resources to create high quality custom database software.

To reduce software errors by eliminating redundant coding job. No coding.

1. To reduce the complexity of software development.
2. To be flexible, easy and fast (FEF) to make changes to suit the rapid changing of business nature.
3. To spend less time/no time on coding, and more time on bussiness logic and program design.

To produce a Maintainable, Expandable and Reliable software product.

1. Maintainable means allow quick modifying, and after changes made, the software is error free and execute smoothly.
2. Expandable means allow extra sub modules to be added (more database tables, more UI), and help to reduce the possibility of errors and bugs, or to reduce function creep.
3. Reliable not only means the system is running stable, but also means every result produced must be precise, expected and correct. (PEC)

company news

Jul 24, 2010

Smart Application Maker Version 1.1.2 Released. Download here.

Jul 09, 2010

Smart Application Maker Project has been decided to be activated for the continuation of the development of the original project in Java1.6. The latest Version 1.1.1 has been released. Download here

Jul 09, 2010

The tutorial for extra features: To switch the login screen, rename the file "login.screen" to "login0.screen" or "login1.screen"; To activate Task Pane, rename the first menu group title with a space as suffix. E.g. "Menu Group" to "Menu Group " (an extra space at the end). It will be activated at Preview mode.

Jun 05, 2010

Smart Application Maker Project will be inactive after mid June. Visit the original project site for info. Visit here

Feb 09, 2010

Smart Application Maker 1.1.0 Version Released. After the version 1.0.3, "Smart" has been sleeping for a period. And now, it is awaken once again. Download here

Feb 09, 2010

Smart Application Maker 1.1.0 Version is also known as the Java6 version of Handy Application Maker. It is compiled with JRE1.6.0_x, and it is slightly faster and better because most OS has JVM1.6.0 installed.

Feb 09, 2010

This is the first official website of "Smart". It is originally designed by Free Website Templates. Special thanks to Free Website Templates.